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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2012 2:05am-3:05am PST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody, it's thirstday thursday. it's january 5. we're delighted you're here with us. i don't know whether it's colder outside or in this studio. >> it's quite nippy, if you know what i mean. the pictures keep pouring in. pictures of your pets you're sending us. >> the people who keep love them are sending them in. >> you're madly in love with your pets. >> lucky looks like bambino.
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>> mica from alaska. >> she's pretty. >> she is pretty, for a cat. i'm kidding. i like cats. lulu from iowa. what kind is she? >> look at charlie. >> aren't we equal opportunity? >> lilly is so ugly she is adorable. look at the fat on her arm. >> okay. >> she is so cute. keep sending your pictures in. we are going to pick -- >> please, don't get your hopes up so high. you break our hearts. you want to take it out on us personally. we don't do the picking. take it out on the people who should remain nameless joanne lamarka. and tammy. that's who you take it out on, okay? the people who deserve it. >> a man had a bad day yesterday. >> i'm not sure we should show it. but okay. >> here's the deal. imagine that you decide, this guy decided to propose to his
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girlfriend in a public way in a basketball game. we don't know if it's true. so before you see it -- >> we would love to know what you think. >> it could be a hoax. >> it's called a mistletoe cam where they show the person doing the proposal. is it not good? >> no. >> this is what went down. >> oh, gosh. >> i understand. it happens. >> that's not camera shy. that's matrimony shy.
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>> wow. >> is that real? >> it was a real event at ucla. i don't know. what do you think? he seemed weird. >> he seemed weird. a guy's reaction wouldn't be to hang your head. what would you -- i don't know. it seemed weird. >> the guy's reaction would be, it was a joke. it was a joke. >> we'll follow up. >> ashton kutcher. >> all right. i don't know. this is the point, if it is true, it's meant to be and the girl of his dreams is out there somewhere. next time do it privately. learn from that. know what the answer is before you go ask him. >> i know. i know. here's the thing, a few weeks ago i was feeling blah, low energy. i went to the doctor and had all these tests done.
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the doctor said you are b-12 deficient. you need to have b-12 in your system. i said where do you get b-12? it's in liver and things i don't like. he told me take b-12 liquid, put it under my tongue. and go about your day. i have crazy energy. i still do. i love b-12. i don't know if it works for everybody, but i know having that little dropper full was great. then people started saying, i'm tired. everyone's tired. everyone was like give me some of that b-12. >> i forgot it this morning. i'm delighted today joy bauer will explain why this is working. i'll take mine while you explain it. >> i feel like the drug dealer. >> why is it that that stuff gives you this crazy or gave me this -- >> you've got to shake it. >> everybody shouldn't be taking it unless like you you were tested. and you know that you were deficient. this is 400 times what you should be getting. you need it because we need to build you back up.
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but you should go to the doctor first. >> i will. later. >> hold under your tongue for a while. >> it is really important for you to have because when you are deficient, and a lot of people are deficient as we get older about 10%, 30% of the population have a harder time absorbing it. go to the doctor, you get a blood test, if you're deficient, you take the drops. you -- >> she might be deficient, too. >> we don't know yet. what foods are they in? >> fish and seafood, dairy, cottage cheese, yogurts and in beef. it's fortified in a lot of vegetarian foods because it's only an animal-based vitamin. people that are vegetarians either need to take a supplement. >> what do you mean an animal base? where did it come from? >> animal foods. >> is this the milk of a yack? i don't know. >> one guy told me his grandmother was on the deathbed. she got a vitamin b shot and it brought her back from the dead.
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>> when you're deficient, you feel awful, you have tremors and you shake because it's involved with nerve irregularity. it's great you're taking it right now. you should go back to the doctor when the doctor tells you your baselines are fine, you don't need to take it. >> doesn't it go through every day like vitamin c? >> it will flush out. i get nervous taking amounts indefinitely because it could imbalance other things you're taking. >> let's talk about your weight loss tip challenge for the day. >> we already have more than 5,000 entries. >> what's our tip for the day? >> today's tip is to strike the starch with dinner. still have it with breakfast and lunch, but in the evening when we tend to overeat the rice, potatoes and pasta, get rid of it. instead a lot of protein and voluminous amount of nonstarchy vegetables. we have recipes and ideas and suggestions. >> i've never seen you so excited since the crew lost
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about a pound and a half. whatever happened to that deal? love you joy. happy new year, sweetheart. you should see a doctor first. we are having fun with that. >> all righty. >> should we talk about music? >> let's do it. we've been talking about health. >> they are saying there is a mental tune-up, music is one of the few things in life other than alcohol that changes your mood instantly. like you have it, you listen to it and it's a mood changer. >> it's instant. i agree. >> there are some songs that will actually change you. ♪ if i can make it there >> this song right here is supposed to reduce your anxiety. >> it doesn't reduce my anxiety at all. ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ >> you picked a song. >> just to chill out. it was going to be olivia newton-john -- ♪ have you never been mellow or this one.
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♪ every time you walk by >> the carpenters. that voice. soothing. i also like -- ♪ if you leave me now >> chicago. >> mine is an amy grant song. this is a good one. ♪ hall lay lieu you, better than a church bell ringing ♪ ♪ better than a choir singing >> love her. >> they say if you want to clean your house or clean your purse, this is the song you should be listening to. >> you obviously never listened to it. >> i don't know what it is. >> this is for vacuuming. ♪ taking care of business >> i think it's also the audio stimulus. ♪ taking care of business every day ♪ >> if you want to get out of a bad mood, the way to do it is bruce springsteen. ♪ "thunder road." >> i think there are people in the world that are diehard bruce
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springsteen fans or they're not. i saw him at madison square garden, electrifying performance, but i'm not a fan of his music. most people are. >> i'm going to stay old school. this is the emotions, that song. ♪ i second that emotion that one? >> no. hit it. ♪ ♪ doesn't take much to make me happy ♪ ♪ to make me smile with glee never never will i feel discouraged ♪ >> that is a good one. that is a real song, hoda.
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i'm proud of you. yesterday we had fun. it was matinee winesday. before we left the studio here, we went right over to the stage door "billy elliot" at the imperial theater. they had a contest. we looked at 14 doors? >> they decorated the doors for christmas. we were a little late. >> the first time -- they are going to have their final performance january 8th. that show has been running 3 1/2 years. won ten tonys. a great, great show. we spent the afternoon behind the scenes. we were the judges. this ultimately won first place. >> look closely. >> that little kid, zach, that's a real bill elliott kid. >> how could you not pick that as the winner? >> that was the spirits of christmas past. and that was number two because that is made out of band-aids. everything on there is a band-aid. can you imagine?
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>> that was really cool. >> yes, that was number one. it was fun because our host played bundles in "annie" with me at the garden playing miss hannigan. if you want to check it out, you've only got until january 13th to go. patty lupone and mandy patankin. two of the finest stage performers of our generation, they are obviously in love with one another as friends. that is the nicest thing to see. the stories they told, about being in "evita." the warmth between two of them. just two pros. you want to see how two pros do it, they are there until the 13th. okay or not okay. is it okay for royals to act like commoners? i said of course, they're human. as long as they don't take their clothes off. it makes them even more appealing. >> it does. hoda said nothing better than watching people who are
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buttoned-up let their hair down like the rest of us. >> okay. everybody here is getting plastic surgery. coming up, we know you are tired of being known for being -- what? >> reputations. we are going to talk about how you can maybe, i think they said six weeks or six months you can change your entire reputation, even if you're extremely disorganized. >> i don't know if that is true. >> rehab your reputation.
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face it. few of us have the perfect reputation, maybe you forget birthdays, you're arriving late, perhaps it oous just the way you dress or you're extremely disorganized. >> some might say they don't give a you know what, but the reality is most of us do. here are lesley james seymour, editor in chief of "more" magazine and dr. taylor a psychiatrist.
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>> a lot of people don't know they have that kind of reputation. sometimes they are unaware of it. don't you think? >> don't you think people that are chronically late know they are chronically late? >> i don't think so. >> they know they're late, but i don't think they know the reputation from it. >> or the long-lasting impact of the behavior and activity they have. >> is it hard to unring the bell? let's pretend you have an epiphany. don't people always tag you, and know you, oh, there's leslie late again. >> you can change it. that's the good news. >> something like that you can. by becoming aware of it. when people realize how incredibly rude it is that your time is more valuable than other person's. a totally self-absorbed person doesn't care about other people. >> you don't want to be like that. you should put it out there that you're going to change the way you behave. >> when you think about reputation, it's that thing people say about you, think
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about you, when you're not around, it's important to know what that concept is. >> what if it's a slut? if people think you're a slut, what can you do about that? >> if someone thinks that, you have to confront them and talk to them and say why would that be true? >> you need to know yourself. people know whatever behavior that would make them think they are a slut. know yourself. you have to be aware of what other people think about you and figure out what is under your control. and say, i'm going to stop something. whether it's drinking too much, hanging out. whatever. >> why would you want to do that? >> what if you say, people think this of you? how do you approach somebody -- >> you're thinking about the slut. >> exactly. >> if it's negative feedback
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and meant meanly, that is one thing. on the other hand, we should be aware how people think about us, especially in a work place. that could have a long-lasting impact. >> work you have to jump in and change it right away. >> what do you do? >> i do soft confrontation. sit down with somebody and say, look, i'm seeing there is a problem here we need to talk about it and we've got to get it out in the open and you do. >> you work at a big place where there are lots of people that work for you. are most people defensive about it? most people are. >> yes. defensiveness is one of the biggest problems because half the time you're not ready to hear what the real issue is. you have to deal with that. >> it's one thing to do it with you because you want to keep your job. i'm going to work on that. not leaving the ladies room a mess. then they come to you, janet and it's relationship problems they have as a result of their behavior. they are invested in a different way. >> they are invested. think about the impact if you hear reputation of sleeping around, having an affair and that gets back to someone, it
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can affect them. the key is to figure out what the truth is and understand what you can do in small steps. >> what if someone says they think you're a slut and you're really not. why did you say that? >> why do these people think it? >> when you have a negative reputation, you can go to the source. the key is to shoot down whatever rumors or reputation that is out there. >> it may be the way a person is dressing inappropriately and they may be a moral person. >> you have to sit down and talk to them and say, where are you getting this from and where is it coming from? that doesn't make sense. sometimes it's rumors. sometimes it's just completely inappropriate. >> other times the reputation can come from you. think about what people post on facebook and twitter about. you have to think about what you're posting about yufs. >> you can change everything. i really believe you can change the way people perceive you by how you perceive yourself today. if you put it out there
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differently, it can change. >> absolutely. >> i think that is the cover of your next magazine, how i went from being a slut to mother teresa. you'll sell a lot of copies of that. up next, a smile on your face with webtastics. how it feels to chew 5 gum. peppermint that cools as you chew. 5 gum. stimulate your senses
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is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day. ♪ [ male announcer ] next time, try a subway turkey blt or a fresh fit turkey melt, merely 7 grams of fat each. subway. eat fresh.
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we are back with our special series called webtastic. >> she's got a double dose today. >> yes, i do. the first video features university of connecticut sophomore guitar playing and one very cool golden retriever. check it out. ♪ >> watch this. ♪ >> talk about a mood changer. that is hysterical. ♪
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>> isn't that so cute? he was playing in his friend's basement and the dog starting doing that and they started videotaping it. there is one more. check out 2 1/2-month-old jackson who is scared of snoring. [ snoring ] >> either that or he's got gas. >> a mom did that to tease him. they laughed so hard and started sending out to family. >> thank you. >> still to come, the dog
2:32 am
whisperer shares safety tips for kids. >> how one woman's past found a political campaign and led her to a whole new life. get this -- making cookies. yes, you heard right.
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we are back on this thirstday thursday with a
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special guy known as the dog whisperer. >> he is here with tips on taking care of your friend and keeping kids safe when they meet a dog they don't know. >> happy new year's to everybody. >> who would have thought a vacuum cleaner could have caused so much chaos. >> like a fight chaos. >> tell us what happened. >> these dogs have been living together for a long time. they have to live separate. there you go. just the sound of a vacuum can trigger a fight. in this episode i'm teaching my body language how to observe and anticipate a fight. a lot of people say my dogs are unpredictable. in my world it's not so unpredictable because the dog has a little bit of eye contact or ear moving, he tells you i'm about to do this. >> let's talk about winterizing the dogs. >> we assume because they have fur coats they will be warm. fwhau's not the case. >> especially junior's case. it's too cold.
2:37 am
this is really good for junior, that kind of jacket. he totally will love that. >> even though other parts of their body is exposed, that keeps the warmth in them. >> absolutely. these boots are fantastic. >> i didn't know about these boots. >> i like this one. it's very practical. obviously, you need to spend some time. >> if you don't put these booty once a dog what happens to their paws? >> frost bite. the paws get really bad. then they'll start licking the chemicals. also there is a cream. >> they can get -- like we get dry skin. >> is that scarf for looks? >> it keeps them warm on the neck. it's more like -- looks than anything. this is deicing. this is an organic deicing so it's not going to hurt the dogs. >> you were saying when you take the dogs out and they've got to use the bathroom. >> they prefer the living room.
2:38 am
i don't blame them but i don't like it. >> one thing that works for junior when i put a newspaper close to the tree. >> like most people take it to the bathroom? >> no. that triggers for him to use the bathroom. a lot of times he spends time being cold. soon as he smells something he relaxes and pees. >> what about the other? thank you for showing us how they do that. you just lifted your leg. >> a lot of dogs don't get exercise in the home. because it's so cold outside. >> let me show you a practical exercise. you love this one. simple boxes like he has his toy. you put it in any box you want, right? let's pretend you're moving the boxes. you let him wait. waiting drains the mind more. >> look at him. because you trained him.
2:39 am
who has the time to train their dog to wait for a ball? >> you have to have time for a relationship. then you send him so he can go look for it. so it becomes a challenge for him. there you go. you don't want him to find it too fast. >> good boy. how important is reenforcement when they do a good job? >> just the fact he found the ball, he's being reenforced by the challenge. >> good boy. >> it's up to you. >> the dogs we are showing, these two, these are all up for adoption? >> north shore animal league. that's right, yes. >> let's stroll down here with that cute puppy. >> let's take the ball away from junior. very good. >> can't he have it? we are too lenient, aren't we? i give bambino anything he wants. the other two have to wait. but bambino gets it right away. >> with kids, very important. new year's resolution is to adopt a dog, make sure the dog is compatible to you. make sure the whole family knows
2:40 am
what the rules are and how to pet a dog or approach a dog is very important. one thing i teach kids, no touch, no talk no eye contact. let the dog come to you. this is an excited energy. if you start touching this energy, even though he looks very happy, very friendly, he will love it, but he will get very excited. this will not be a dog you should start petting. >> are you supposed to get down to the ground level? >> sorry. >> you would be nurturing excitement. >> i do everything wrong. >> caesar, thank you. >> happy new year, everybody. thank you. >> your show begins? >> saturday 8:00. >> all these dogs except for junior are up for adoption. how to make a major life change and a woman who has done that. right after this. nexyogo next if you had a
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stage three of our series, new year, new you. inspirational stories of reinvention. >> take 55-year-old marla who is from washington, d.c., who followed her love from cooking and turned it into a career. >> good boy. >> you have these moments in life where you realize you are where you belong. i had more than a few of those moments in a kitchen. i used to work in politics and now i work in pastry. i made the change because after many, many years in politics i made a difference, i was proud of what i was able to accomplish, but i felt like i needed to do something different. i was an accomplished home baker. i went to professional pastry school. for all the things i've done, presidential races, four marathons, it was the hardest thing i've done. i'm 55 years old and i feel behind the curve. i have to remind myself julia child started writing books in her 50s. the independent cookie company i
2:46 am
launched in november. i ordered the flour, sugar, whatever we need. the recipes i have i accumulated over the years. we bake from scratch. i try to do things that are topical. right now the iowa caucuses are upon us. i was going to do snowflakes with the candidates on them. i tried to keep our sense of humor in front of people so they when they think about us, they think clever, funny, smart, informed. when people are planning parties around here, i want some party planner to think, what was that lady who made those smart alec political cookies? i want some from her. so that's where i think the business will grow. people said why are you doing this? you could stay working as a political consultant and make money. i love politics. you don't stay in it as long as i did without loving it and
2:47 am
having a passion for it, but there is something about this. there is something about baking. there is a peace to it. my heart is in the kitchen. i think that's where i'll end up staying. >> it is a great story. back with advice is "today" financial editor jean chatzky who is here with deborah shigley of the website the great to see you ladies. >> she did it right. it sounds like she decided -- >> she followed her passion. >> she was smart about it. >> she is still consulting at night. still holding on to that money-making base for as long as she needs it. i think we forget. i looked at the statistics. 1/3 of businesses make money when they start, 1/3 make nothing, break even and 1/3 lose money. you've got to make sure that you are in a profitable venture before you go full board. >> or have the resources to get through the lean times as you build. >> is it tougher at 55? people watch this thinking i would love to try something new
2:48 am
but it's tough to start over again. >> tougher to put your bra on. >> it can be. it's definitely a trend. many people get to that point in their lives and they feel an incredible urge to do something and not have any regrets, basically. there is a sort of formula when you talk about dream careers. we throw this term around. you need the passion marla talked about, the money, but there is the third category, skills and talents. if she wasn't good at making cookies or managing a team of making cookies, she would not have a thriving business at this point. >> when should it be just a hobby? >> i think you road test it. you keep your day job, you hold on to that and you try this on the side and you figure out if you can turn it into a profitable venture. if you can't, it's fine to enjoy it. it's find to hold on to it and decide i'm just going to do this with a part of my life i enjoy on the evenings or on the weekends.
2:49 am
>> i have friends who wanted to be professional musicians and it just didn't happen. it doesn't mean they stop enjoying music. >> absolutely. >> one woman said continue to do your job but spend 10% of your money, time and energies on your dream job and see if you can make something come of it. >> if it's going to take off, eventually you'll know you have the credit you need. you'll get a line of financing and you'll be able to actually make it into a business. that growth process is really difficult and it can take time. >> you have to be realistic, as well. becoming a baker is different than thinking i'm going to become a professional wrestler. >> she may be very willing to downsize her lifestyle a little bit just to live on the salary of a baker instead of the salary of a political consultant. >> she is doing okay. these are darling. they are $4 each. we thank her very much for making them for us. thank you very much, ladies. tomorrow we'll have one more life-changing story.
2:50 am
>> up next, $4 on the floor. say goodbye to chapped lips and more with beauty tips right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren, taking a look at your end of the week forecast. for the day, we have a few spots, and only a few spots where there may be a little bit of precipitation. here in the south. also way to the north around the upper great lakes, the upper midwest, the extreme portion of the northeast, new england, and the pacific northwest. that's it. otherwise, it's going to be quiet and also once again warm. daytime highs could be back into the mid 50s in kansas city. still in the 40s in the northern plains. this is much cool er than what e were looking at for highs on thursday. this is still well above average. after some cold mornings,
2:51 am
rebounding in the south and as we look at the weekend, a system moving into the rockies. chance for a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm near the gulf on saturday. still some orange and yellow on the map showing us where we'll see the warmer temperatures. 60s and 70s. still mild to the north. this time of year, you get above and stay above freezing in minneapolis, that's mild. compared to the past few days, it's going to feel cooler for you. still the chance for snow showers in the rockies and throughout the south. forts in the northeast. those will be your highs. the beginning of next week, we'll watch for the potential of storms moving through the south and depending on where this sets up, we could end up with a chance for some severe weather on tuesday. 50s once again though and 60s right on into a good portion of the plains. then on wednesday, all the way up to the mid-atlantic, there will be the chance foreseeing some rain.
2:52 am
temperatures will stay mild. remember, weekdays on the weather channel, you can "wake up with al." ♪
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[ male announcer ] next time, try a subway turkey blt or a fresh fit turkey melt, merely 7 grams of fat each. subway. eat fresh.
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it's time for "today's" beauty. a little care and repair for your dry winter skin. >> if the elements of the cold are taking a toll on your look, we have a few remedies. >> how are you? >> i know what your remedy was. you went to florida for flee weeks. >> now i come back to this weather and my skin, my hair, everything is suffering. >> what do we do? >> when your face is flakey, where it hurts to smile? this is great. it's omega oil. what's interesting about it is it uses chia feed oil. it regulates the production in your skin so it stays hydrated,
2:55 am
but doesn't get greasy. it has much more omega than fish. >> would you use this on your body or face? >> on your face before your moisturizer or on its own. also throughout the day you can put it over your make-up if you're starting to feel crispy. >> your eyelashes sometimes are trouble in winter. >> because of the breakage, you can get your mascara down your face. this is the new gold standard of mascara from guerlain. it has polymers in there. it affixes the black pigment to your lashes. it doesn't flake, doesn't look like you've been crying. >> we should try these. i get flakey later this the day. >> there are refills. you buy it once and can get the refills which are around half the price of these. >> okay. >> a bath. that's all we want after a cold
2:56 am
day but it's so bad for your skin. this is great. under $4, seaweed bath company. it has seaweed, bladder rack seaweed so it helps your skin. >> i thought those were two separate things. apparently i was wrong. >> you can soak both things in the tub and get a nice soak that doesn't dry your skin. you can get this at whole food stores. >> soak your bladder rack every night. what else? >> in the winter, it's cold out, the heat is on, you get sweaty and stinky. this is brand new. this is a deoderizing lotion for men. women can use it. the smell is refreshing. it doesn't just mask odor but will help to neutralize odor. >> or you can shower.
2:57 am
>> there is a concept. imagine that. >> dry, cracked lips. not only are they uncomfortable, but they can age you. this is new from fresh. >> i love fresh. >> sugar advanced lip therapy. >> jerry won't let me open the tube. >> you put it around your lip. it's anti-aging. it has sea fennel extract, soft orange extract, helps to get the circulation going. really soothing. you put it on your lips. >> we have a couple of seconds. >> nail polish. has sheep's wool extract to strengthen your nails. you can preorder it now. and l'oreal has shampoo and conditioner. it's a low lather that doesn't dry your hair out. plus it's a two step in one thing. >> cold weather is great for hair. >> your hair can get dry and brittle. this hydrates. minimizes shower time.
2:58 am
diaper cream is really thick, but a baby's bottom is getting washed all during the day. >> this is still for the baby. >> no. you use it for yourself. >> this is organic. it is not going to irritate and zinc oxide in there for spf. this one i love. in winter your heels get gross. you take a hacksaw to them. this is a file i found. >> genius. we have to run. thank you. >> this is "today" on nbc.
2:59 am
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it's time for "today's kitchen." we are getting saucy with chef anthony. >> anthony stuart is the executive chef in miami. if you're trying to get fit, he's the guy. >> good to see you. no fat, you're saying? no sugar? >> no salt. >> no salt? your secret ingredient is you. >> it is. >> what are we making? butternut squash. >> roasted squash soup. butternut squash, acn squash, onion and garlic. blend it. that's what you have. 100 calories, no more. >> you didn't say cream? >> no cream. you can add fat-free sour cream or yogurt if you like. >> she can't have it so she is happy. >> that's very good.
3:02 am
>> it's so delicious. it's hard to believe there is no sugar in it. >> it's the winter. you can't ask for anything better. >> this is really good. >> did you tell us how to make it or we're just eating it? >> check it out on the website. what are you making? >> i'm whipping up curry sauce. i'm going to do curry mushroom. i have onion, garlic, ginger. >> that smells delicious. >> curry powder. >> this is going to be a chilean sea bass. >> what is this? >> vegetable stock. >> can i put it in? >> not yet. some of the best recipes come from making mistakes. don't worry about it. >> do you ever make a mistake? >> absolutely. all the time. >> do you want to talk about it? >> i'm known for it. >> you can add the vegetable
3:03 am
stock right now. >> changing the subject. all righty. >> it's going to cook down. >> bring us down here. >> i'm always amazed how little mushrooms end up. bring it home. that looks fantastic. >> we have just about a minute. >> when they come down there to the pritiken spa, they check in like a fine resort but lose weight? >> lose weight, lower blood pressure. it's a health resort and spa. it's not just a regular resort and spa. >> that sea bass, 200 calories. >> 30 seconds. show us quick. >> this is unbelievable. delicious. >> i have bananas and apple juice concentrate. i'm going to add ginger juice to that. you're going to do work here. >> get over here. >> we have to run.
3:04 am
>> it ends up being this. >> fat free greek yogurt. >> we've got to go. >> thank you, anthony. -- captions by vitac -- >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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